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Obligatory First Post

So I've started a blog. I should really make some kind of introduction, so I'm sitting here trying to think of something witty/sassy/generally interesting to start it with. And it's not happening.

In fact, it feels weird. This is the internet equivalent of nervously entering a room and going, "Um, hi?"

It reminds me (ugh) of those work meetings, or training courses, that anyone who's worked for a large organisation will be familiar with. The ones where you, along with an assortment of other reluctant colleagues, are gathered together in a room and forced to work in groups, but not before writing your name on a sticker and standing up to tell everyone an 'interesting fact' as an ice-breaker.

Despite being a generally confident, normally outgoing individual (translation: am wholly competent at faking it), doing this is, strangely, terrifying. I mean, I'm totally fine being around other people. Even when I'm at my most anxious, I can still put on that air of confidence and chat to a stranger at a party or ask someone for directions. If we were all sat around a table in the pub, telling these guys any 'interesting fact', would be simple. But it's the forced friendliness of the situation that makes it all kinds of awkward.

One; because I fucking hate ice-breakers. And what am I supposed to give as an 'interesting fact'? Do I tell them I write novels? That I once went to Harvard*? That the superhero I relate to most is She-Hulk, or that according to a quiz I took once, out of all breeds of cat I'm most like a tabby?

It's amazing how everything vanishes once you're put under that spotlight. All the words disappear from the forefront of your mind and you struggle quickly to choose something that won't make you sound a bit of a show-off, yet also not as boring as magnolia paint.

Not one to naturally ham it up or revel in my own awesomeness, I tend to verge on the safe side. 'I write novels' is usually my go-to fun fact. Because I do write novels. I enjoy many other things, but writing is my big passion. Which is why I'm sitting here, starting this blog.

I wanted a place to share some, well...stuff. Posts, some writing, general venting. I wanted an outlet, a little corner somewhere in which I don't feel as though I have to write entirely for an audience, because this corner is just for me. If you've found it, then that's good. Enjoy, or don't. It doesn't really matter too much.

If you decide to stay, however, then that's awesome. Make sure you grab a drink. Welcome to the Seventh Circle.

*Like, SERIOUSLY once. For the day. As a well-concealed tourist. You can't visit Boston without stopping by Harvard.